Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hello South Waikato.

Last weekend my other half and I ventured up into the South Waikato. Not only did we walk across a historical swing bridge, eat boutique cheese, and visit the RD1 shop, we also discovered the South Waikato Pigeon Club. Thank-you South Waikato for a wondrous weekend.

Here is a face carving in the rocks behind an old dam dated 1932. Such a gem to discover.

Crafty wee day.

A few weekends ago I had a bit of a crafty wee day. This pinboard is what ensued. Now I have a beautiful, but practical thing to pin notes on at work!

Keep your eyes peeled for the how-to!
What weekend projects are you working on? Leave a comment below!

Cool Beans.

Here are some cool things that I have found lately. Ah. Inventors are so cool.


Feral tribal watch

Present & Correct stamps

Poketo Japanese Graters
What cool new inventions have you found? Do share...