Friday, 25 September 2015

SPRING // home edition

It's spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, and things are looking up. As we say in Kiwiland, soon it'll be time to "crank out the jandals and light up the barbie." Days are getting warmer and nights are getting shorter. Yussss.

I must admit, spring is my favourite time of year, mainly because of the incredible bloom that happens at this time of year. There's also this poignant feeling of hope in the air; it's as if the night has passed, and the day is at hand. Even if life is unutterably awful, one does feel that things must start to look up when spring arrives on one's doorstep. Also, everything just grows at this time of year. Like, uncontrollably. Grass, trees, weeds; you name it, it's growing!

So, to celebrate S P R I N G, here are some projects to enjoy this weekend (home edition):

// Plant seeds for your summer vegetable garden

We planted basil, tomatoes, perpetual spinach, beans, coriander, chili, and lettuce.
Then you can make T H I S:

// Complete an outdoor furniture project

Like this modular pallet seating from shanty-to-chic:


// Propagate a succulent

Succulents are so beautiful, and so very easy to keep alive. Check out this handy-dandy chart to help you:

West Elm

Then you could create this beauty:

Pinterest - inspo

// Start one of these cutie-pies

  Ultimate cuteness right here:



Ta da!! 

Lots of exciting new projects to start this S P R I N G!

What projects are you currently occupied with? Leave a comment below!

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