Tuesday, 31 January 2012

la creation

Today I have had a bit of a wee crafty day.
After Christmas I brought a new book called "Sew!" by Cath Kidston. It's a real gem for handy creations, such as, cushions, quilts, and bags. It also came with a free thing. I love free things.
So, today I made the wee free thing.
Here is my creation.
"Sew!" by Kath Kidston 

Such fun! It's very small and cute, and most definitely not as good as the one in the book. But here you have it. La creation!

Happy crafting folks!

hi there.

Hi there. Howdy. Kia Ora. Talofa.
Welcome to my blog! Despite the name, there won't be any actual live bears on here. Unless I end up going to the zoo, or, alternatively, one escapes, travels a ridiculous distance over oceans, mountains, and highways, and seeks to threaten some small local children. In that case, I will aim to wrestle the bear, and faithfully report to you, my readers.
What you can find in this blog in the mean time is musings on food, good reads, design-y stuff, fashion-y stuff, old stuff, crafty stuff, D.I.Y. stuff, amazing stuff, cool stuff, hot stuff, ah... stuff...
I know at this point in the blog you might be hoping for some sweet pictures. So here you go. Sweet pictures.

Sweet picture #1
Moustache, moustache everywhere
my wedding a few weeks ago
Sweet picture #2
Foxton Beach

Sweet picture #3
Husband in a tunnel
Karagahake Gorge, Coromandel

Sweet picture #4
Happy girl in rain

May you have a joyful day, full of sunshine and laughter and moustaches.