Tuesday, 31 January 2012

la creation

Today I have had a bit of a wee crafty day.
After Christmas I brought a new book called "Sew!" by Cath Kidston. It's a real gem for handy creations, such as, cushions, quilts, and bags. It also came with a free thing. I love free things.
So, today I made the wee free thing.
Here is my creation.
"Sew!" by Kath Kidston 

Such fun! It's very small and cute, and most definitely not as good as the one in the book. But here you have it. La creation!

Happy crafting folks!


  1. super cute!
    I just recently bought her book "cross stitch"
    (I made an iPhone case with one of the designs)
    Totally love Cath Kidston!