Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Happy Tuesday to you all!
Here is part two of:

one: take one of the old apron strings and measure against the long side of the bib, leaving a 3cm overhang at the top
two: lay the straps flat on the bib and pin the two edges together
three: sew together, fold out and press flat, and trim the bottom edges to make a straight clean line
one: fold bottom half of apron in half and mark with a pin on fold
two: do the same with the top have of the apron
three: match these two points together

and don't forget to sew together...

one: take the remaining apron string and cut in half (these will become your apron straps)
two: pin and sew new apron straps to the 3cm overhang at the top of the bib

So there you have it! By re-using your Granny's old pinny, you have, in one small way, helped to save the planet. Well done you!
Now all you need to do is to christen your new apron by baking some scones. And don't forget to bring me some!

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